Chicks and Love Pizza Catering specializes in custom Pizza Parties such as Birthday Celebrations, Kids Birthdays, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Rehearsals, Weddings, Graduations, Housewarmings, Celebration of Life, Holiday Parties, Corporate/Business Events,  Grand Openings and Fundraisers.   We have Pizza Party packages for 10-150 guests.

How the Magic Happens

What's the details of the Full Service Pizza Party?

  • Minimum of 35 pizzas. Maximum 150 pizzas.

  • We cook for 1-2 hours on site outdoors.

  • Host chooses 4 types of pizzas from our menu.

  • We continuously put HOT slices of pizza on a “pizza buffet” area, and your guests help themselves. (Guests do not order pizzas from us.)

  • We provide condiments:  hot sauce, chili flakes, salt and pepper.

  • We set up out portable pizza ovens almost anywhere for outdoor cooking.  

  • Our pizzas are ULTRA thin.  1 pizza feeds 1 person for lunch if other foods are served.  Men/ teen boys typically eat 1.5-2 pizzas per person especially for dinner.


What are the details of the Tailgater Pizza Party?

  • Minimum 15 pizzas.  Maximum 40 pizzas.

  • We cook for 30 minutes - 1 hour. 

  • Host choose 3-4 types of pizzas from our menu. 

  • Similar to the Full Service except we cook on the tailgate of our red Toyota Tacoma named Sriracha, on your private FLATE driveway, curb or parking lot.  Pizzas are served buffet style

  • This is more cost effective than a full service by $100+


What are the details of the Interactive Pizza Party?

  • The best option for a FUN & Memorable activity at your party.

  • Minimum 15 pizzas.  Maximum 40 pizzas.

  • We cook for 30 minutes - 1 hour.   

  • Host orders our Pizza Kits:  includes partially baked flatbread crusts, mozzarella & parmesan cheeses and tomato sauces.  Pepperoni & chicken apple sausage (optional).  Host supplies any additional desired toppings.

  • We provide a tutorial video and written instructions on How to Assemble the pizzas.

  • We provide a Host Pizza Party checklist and Guidelines.

  • We set up set up the Pizza Chef station at the event location.

  • The guests make their own pizza and brings it to the Pizza Chef.

  • The Pizza Chef will bake the pizzas for your guests.

  • Depending on the location we can set up our equipment a day in advance and pickup our equipment the following day(s) after the event.  This can also be a Tailgater pizza party!

What are the details for the DIY Pizza Parties?

  • Minimum 12 pizzas.  Maximum 25-30.

  • This is by far the most cost effective pizza party package as you're only paying for the price of the pizzas which are $10.50-$16 each.  No service fee.  No gratuity.  Total savings of up to $300-$700.

  • Our most popular package with smaller family parties during COVID.

  • Similar to the Interactive Pizza party, except we rent you our easy to use electric pizza makers $25 each.  We ask for a $200 refundable security deposit.

  • The host, a friend or family member cooks the pizzas.  The pizza makers cooks 2 pizzas every 4 minutes.

  • Hosts orders pizza kits OR our FULLY assembled Take n Bake pizzas.  See our Take n Bake menu www.queenofcrusts.com/order

  • Host picks up the pizzas and pizza makers in Pleasant Hill or Lafayette.

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Money Matters

Deposit & Payment

  • For LAST MINUTE reservations made within 7 days or less, 100% deposit is due upon booking.

  • For reservations made in advance of 7 days, 50% deposit is due upon booking.

  • Final payment of balance due on day of your event.

  • We Accept Cash, Zelle, Venmo (DO NOT swipe "Turn on button for Purchase" or we will both be charged a fee.)  Paypal (choose "friends or family" or we both will be charged a fee. )

  • FINAL head count due 1 week before your event.



  • 21 days or more prior to the event date: 100% deposit will be refunded

  • 14-20 days prior to the event date: 75% of the deposit will be refunded

  • 3-13 days prior to the event date:  50% of the deposit will be refunded

  • Less than 48 hrs prior to the event date: 0% deposit will be refunded.

What we need from you:

  • We need SHADE in the daytime & LIGHT if we are cooking in the dark.

  • We need 10’x10’ or even slightly smaller space to set up our kitchen.

  • Host supplies: plate-ware, utensils and any other food and beverages to supplement the pizzas.  We suggest a salad or charcuterie see Our Faves page for vendors that we suggest.

  • Host supplies: the pizza buffet table (6ft) and tablecloth for Full Service. The pizza buffet table must be OUTDOORS within 6-10 feet from where we are cooking. This will ensure FRESH & HOT pizzas for your guests!

  • For Interactive: Host supplies 4-6 ft. Pizza Pickup table

  • We need a parking space that is closest to the cooking area where will be stationed ie. Driveway.  

  • For Tailgater Pizza Party:  Driveway or Street must be FLAT.  We cannot be on a slope.

  • Pathways to from the parking space to the cooking station must be cleared, well lit, with no trip/safety hazards uneven ground. Typically referring to garages, backyards and side gate areas.

  • Carry In fee of $50 if we have to hand carry equipment more than 48 feet or three car lengths.

  • We request access to your kitchen sink for water and cleaning our utensils.

  • We do not need any electrical outlets for cooking outdoors.

*During COVID19:

  • We can wear masks outdoors if the host requests.

  • We ask that your guests maintain a social distance of 6 feet from our crew.  The set up will be conducive to the distancing.

  • The pizza buffet must be outdoors otherwise the host needs to delegate a person to bring the pizzas indoors.  

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