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Chicks and Love Pizza Catering are the Pizza Party Professionals


Birthday Celebrations - Kids Birthdays - Bar and Bat Mitzvahs - Graduations 

Showers - Rehearsals - Weddings - Mendhi/Henna - Housewarming

 Happy Hours - Retirement - Celebration of Life

Super Bowl parties - Holiday Parties - Corporate/Business Events

Grand Openings and Fundraisers.

We offer 4 types of Pizza Party packages for 12-175 guests.


step 1

Check out our PRICING 

  • Full Service:  $28-$45* per pizza

  • Tailgater:  $25-$40* per pizza

  • Interactive:  $23-40* per pizza 

  • Interactive Tailgater*:  $20-40

  • BIY Take N Bakes:  $16 per pizza + equipment rental $100+

  • BIY Pizza Kits:  $14 per pizza + equipment rental $100+

*Above pricing does not include:

  • Travel Fee ($25-$150)

  • Carry-in fee ($50-80)

  • Sales tax

Step 2

  • Decide  HOW MANY pizzas you need for your party.  

  • Our pizzas are ULTRA thin, & not "bready". 

  • Hungry eaters eat 1.5-2 pizzas per person for dinner, if you're not serving any other substantial foods.

  • We always suggest that you supplement our pizzas with appetizers such as grazing tables, pasta salads, dips etc. Here are Our Favorite Local Vendors


  1. Choose your TYPE of Pizza Party. 

  2. Full Service- Min 20. Max 175

  3. Tailgater Party- Max 40 pizzas.

  4. Interactive Party- Max 35 pizzas

  5. BIY Take N Bakes- Min 8 pizzas

  6. BIY Pizza Kits- Min 2 kits (8 pizzas)

  7. Watch VIDEOS examples below!

step 4

**Fill out the Quote Request Form

You will need to provide:

  1. First, Last name

  2. Email & Cell phone #

  3. Date of event

  4. Type of Pizza Party you want

  5. Amount of Pizzas

  6. 1 hour pizza service time frame

  7. Address & City of venue

  8. TYPE of event

*We communicate via email  ONLY.

Pizza Parties Packages

1. FULL SERVICE Pizza Party

  • Most popular.

  • We bring our portable pizza ovens and set up a pizza kitchen outdoors.  We make and bake handcrafted pizzas, which are served buffet style for your guests.

  • You get to choose 4 different types of pizzas from our menu.

  • For parties of 20-175 pizzas

2. TAILGATER Pizza Party

  • 2nd most popular tied with BIY Pizza Party.

  • This is like a food truck but way better!  We pull up into a private parking lot, driveway or curb. We drop down the tailgate of our pickup truck and transform it into our pizza kitchen! 

  • We serve the pizzas buffet style next to the truck.

  • For parties of 10-40 pizzas.

3. BIY (Bake It Yourself) Pizza Party

  • This is the most cost effective pizza party

  • 2nd most popular tied with Tailgater.

  • Purchase our fully assembled Take n Bake pizzas, Pizza Kits or Flatbread Crusts.  

  • Get a friend or family member to be the Pizza Chef. 

  • We provide you with our easy to use electric pizza makers (Two for $100 rental fee & $200 security deposit). 

  • We supply you with all the essential pizza making equipment as well as instruction. 

image7 (1).jpeg

4. INTERACTIVE Pizza Party

  • You guide your guests to assemble their own custom pizzas.

  • Our Pizza Chef bakes the pizzas.  

  • Purchase our Pizza Kits (3 to choose from) and provide any additional toppings.

  • Great for hosts who want a hands on activity for their special event.  Fun and memorable!

  • We offer Interactive Tailgater too!  

  • For parties of 20-35 pizzas

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