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Pizza Party Pricing

For 25 pizzas:

  • Full Service:  $960* 

  • Tailgater:  $860*

  • Interactive:  $815+**  

  • Interactive Tailgater:  $765+** 

  • DIY Take N Bakes:  $400

  • DIY Pizza Kits:  $302-338

*not including potential travel fee ($25-$150), carry-in fee ($50-80), sales tax

**depending type of Pizza Kits, not including potential travel fee, carry in fee, sales tax


Cost depends on type of pizza party & # of pizzas ordered.  For all parties except DIY, the more pizzas ordered the lower the per person cost.  Cost per person can range from $25-50

Fees, Deposit & Payment

  • The following fees may apply if applicable: Travel fee, Carry-In fee and "Last Minute" booking fee.

  • For LAST MINUTE reservations made within 7 days or less, 100% deposit is due upon booking.

  • For reservations made in advance of 7 days, 50% deposit is due upon booking.

  • Final payment of balance due on day of your event.

  • We Accept Cash, Zelle, Venmo, and PayPal

  • FINAL head count due 1 week before your event. (Can be increased but not decreased.)



  • 21 days or more prior to the event date: 100% deposit will be refunded

  • 14-20 days prior to the event date: 75% of the deposit will be refunded

  • 3-13 days prior to the event date:  50% of the deposit will be refunded

  • Less than 48 hrs prior to the event date: 0% of the deposit will be refunded.

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Pizza Party Packages

Full Service Pizza Party​​

  • Most popular

  • Maximum 175 pizzas.

  • Our pizzas are ULTRA thin.  1 pizza feeds 1 person for lunch if other foods are served.  Hungry eaters typically eat 1.5-2 pizzas per person especially for dinner.

  • We cook for 30 minutes-2 hours depending on number of pizzas.

  • Host chooses 4 types of pizzas from our menu.

  • We continuously put HOT slices of pizza on a “pizza buffet” table. Your guests help themselves. (Guests do not order pizzas from us.)

  • We provide condiments:  hot sauce, chili flakes, salt and pepper.

  • We set up our portable propane pizza ovens outdoors.

  • Carry In charge if we carry in our equipment more than 45 feet from where we are parked.

  • Depending on the location we may want to set up our equipment in advance and pickup our equipment the following day(s) after the event. 


Tailgater Pizza Party

  • Great choice for smaller parties.

  • Maximum 50 pizzas.

  • More personable than a food truck.  Guests can watch us cook!

  • We cook for 30 minutes - 1 hour. 

  • Host choose 4 types of pizzas from our menu. 

  • Similar service to the Full Service except we cook on the tailgate of our red Toyota Tacoma named Sriracha, on your private FLAT driveway, curb or parking lot. 

  • Pizzas are served buffet style next to the truck.


Interactive Pizza Party

  • Best option for a FUN & Memorable activity at your party.

  • Minimum 12 pizzas.  Maximum 40 pizzas.

  • We cook for 30 minutes - 1 hour.   

  • Host orders our Pizza Kits:  includes our signature flatbread crusts, fresh mozzarella & parmesan cheeses and tomato sauce.  Pepperoni & chicken apple sausage (optional).  Host supplies any additional desired toppings.  For more info on the pizza kits, please visit our sister company Queen of Crusts.

  • We provide a tutorial video and written instructions on How to Assemble the pizzas, a Pizza Party checklist & Guidelines

  • We set up set up the Pizza Chef station at the venue or we can make it an Interactive Tailgater if we cook from our truck.

  • Depending on the location we may want to set up our equipment in advance and pickup our equipment the following day(s) after the event. 

  • The Host guides their guests to make their own pizzas.

  • The Pizza Chef will bake the pizzas for your guests.

DIY Pizza Parties

  • Most cost effective pizza party package.  You're only paying for the pizzas which are $10.50-$16 each.  No service fee.  No gratuity.  

  • Minimum 8 pizzas.  Maximum 25-40 pizzas

  • Similar to the Interactive Pizza party, except we rent out our easy to use Breville electric pizza makers (2) for $50.  $200 security deposit.

  • The host, a friend or family member cooks the pizzas.  The pizza makers cooks 2 pizzas every 4 minutes.

  • Hosts orders pizza kits OR our FULLY assembled Take n Bake pizzas.  See our Take n Bake menu

  • Host picks up the pizzas and pizza makers in Pleasant Hill or we can deliver locally.  Delivery fee based on distance from Pleasant Hill.

What we need from you:

  • We need SHADE in the daytime & LIGHT if we are cooking in the dark.

  • We need 10’x10’ or even slightly smaller space to set up our kitchen.

  • Pathways to from the parking space to the cooking station must be cleared, well lit, with no trip/safety hazards uneven ground. 

  • Carry In fee of $50 if we have to hand carry equipment more than 45 feet or three car lengths.  $100 if more than 80 feet.

  • We do not need any electricity.  We may request access to your kitchen sink for water.

  • We may need to use your restroom.

  • Host is to provide:  plate-ware, utensils and any other food and beverages to supplement the pizzas.  We suggest a salad or charcuterie see Our Faves page for vendors that we suggest.

  • We need a parking space that is closest to the cooking area where we will be stationed ie. Driveway.  


Full Service: 

  • Host supplies the pizza buffet table (6ft) and tablecloth.

  • The pizza buffet table must be OUTDOORS within 6-10 feet from where we are cooking.

  • We need to be able to clearly see the contents of the buffet table from our pizza station. This will ensure FRESH & HOT pizzas for your guests!


  • Driveway or Street must be FLAT.  We cannot be on a slope



  • Host guides their guests to make their pizzas. 

  • Host provides any additional pizza toppings 



  • Pizza makers and Pizzas must be picked up in Pleasant Hill


During COVID19:

  • We can wear masks outdoors if the host requests.

  • Your guests maintain a social distance of 6 feet from our crew.  

  • The pizza buffet must be outdoors 

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